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On August 1, 2013 we purchased a Sealy Posturpedic mattress from a Sears store. We paid $1200.00 for the king size mattress and box spring. Within 3 months we noticed sagging on both sides of the bed. The mattress is not able to be flipped so both my husband and I were forced to sleep in the same ruts. Needless to say, the problem only got worse as the months went by until now, three years later, it is not only uncomfortable, it is an... Read more

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  • Sep 23
  • #924589

Spent a lot of money on a dealt King and it has sunk within three months. Can't get a phone call answered or returned from these people. I am of average build and this should definitely not have happened. I will be contacting consumer affairs department

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  • Sep 18
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Do not buy the Sealy Caversham. Sealy will not honor their warranty. Bought this bed 4 months ago and it is already breaking down.

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This morning, we discovered the source of unknown 50 plus bed bug bites on my 14-year-old son from his new Sealy Generate mattress. The photos are attached that show 7 day old bites and last evening’s bites. He has been scratching for one week and continues to feel incredibly uncomfortable all throughout the day and night. We had attempted to control the continual bites with Witch Hazel, Benadryl, Cortaid and Calamine lotion. As he is a... Read more

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Spent $500 to replace a mattress set that I owned for over 10 years and within 6 months the mattress had over an inch depression in the center of the mattress. I developed back problems and resorted to sleeping on the floor. I contacted Macy's and a agent was dispatched who documented the sagging mattress. However, an agent at Macy's said that the warranty is only valid for depressions of 1.5 inches. The agent at Macy's also said that the... Read more

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We bought a $600.00 plus King Mattress (sealy) from a Local store here in Grove, Ok. (Bob Loftis) in November of 2013. In march of this year we contacted the store because the mattress was sagging and was uncomfortable. We were told they would look into it. Meanwhile we bought another mattress. After two calls to Sealy customer service, finally a rep. showed up. He told us that it was not warranted for him to sent it back to the factory... Read more

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Night one and two were fine. On third night I found myself in center of mattress but knew I did not voluntarily more to that spot. Each night has gotten worse. I am coming up on having it in my home 60 days and will contact the store for a return. No support and lumpy. Dread getting into it each night. Unlike someone with a comfortable mattress I welcome the alarm each morning just so I can end the nightly torture of trying to sleep on... Read more

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  • Nov 24, 2015
  • #739417

Good day, i bought a Sealy Reno matress 152 cm and it didnt last the guarentee period. The replace it with n newly manufactured one but we get sea sick when one turn around. It is now 4 days in use but i dont want the ***. Who can assist me to get rid of it, before i publish it on all the social media and Carte Blanche ?

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We bought this mattress on 9/2/15, 2 months later we are seeing (and feeling) a considerable depression in the trunk and shoulder area of the mattress. Now if we were heavy people it might be expected, But my wife and I are both under 150 each. We bought, based on the brand ratings. My called the store we bought it from and was given a royal run around. My first hope that this company will stand behind their products as well as any upstanding... Read more

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Purchased a Sealy Posterpedic Queen size mattress in June 2015 from Ashley Furniture. Since then I've exchanged the top mattress twice with the cooperation of Ashley's customer service. Unfortunately, The Dadford Cushion Firm Euro Top mattress continues to sag in the middle. I'm so disappointed with the manufacturers quality. Once again, I will request for an exchange. I understand sometimes a product is defected, but twice? I suffer from... Read more

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